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Private Foundations


A Basic Guide to Corporate Philanthropy
Charitable Gift Planning News, Vol. 28/No. 13, March 2010
Authored by: Stephanie L. Petit

Mission Investing in Microfinance: A Program Related Investment (PRI) Primer and Toolkit
July, 2007
Authored by: Jonathan C. Lewis and Robert A. Wexler

Equivalency or Expenditure Responsibility? A Guide in Plain English
International Dateline, a publication of the Council on Foundations, Issue 73, Second Quarter 2005, (5 pages)
Authored by: Betsy Buchalter Adler and Stephanie L. Petit

Proposed Regulations Would Bring Program-Related Investments into the 21st Century,
Journal of Taxation
, August 2012
Authored by: David Levitt and Robert A. Wexler

Two Key Revenue Rulings Provide a Road Map for Private Foundation Terminations, Journal of Taxation, May 2003
Authored by: Robert A. Wexler and Stephanie L. Petit


Council on Foundations is a national association of grantmakers, offering publications, conferences, affinity groups, and other resources created by and for grantmakers. Members have access to additional resources.

The Foundation Center is an information clearinghouse for grantmakers and grantseekers, with searchable databases and online courses as well as conferences and workshops at its New York headquarters and its field offices in San Francisco, Atlanta, Cleveland, and Washington DC.

IRS Publication 4221-PF: Compliance Guide for 501(c)(3) Private Foundations


Private Foundations: What You Need to Know
May, 2012
Authored by: Erik Dryburgh

Private Foundations
Rules of the Road; A Guide to the Law of Charities in the United States, Second Edition, Chapter 4, Council on Foundations, 2008
Authored by: Betsy Buchalter Adler, David A. Levitt and Ingrid Mittermaier

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