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Nonprofit Structures, Relationships and Affiliations


Operating in Two Worlds: Tandem Structures in Social Enterprise
The Practical Tax Lawyer
November, 2011
Authored by: Ingrid Mittermaier and Joey Neugart

The Use of LLCs in Fiscal Sponsorship - A New Model
Taxation of Exempts
May/June 2011
Authored by: Steven Chiodini and Gregory L. Colvin

Perils in Consolidating Financial Statements of Exempt Organizations
Taxation of Exempts, Volume 22/Issue 3
November/December 2010
Authored by: Eric K. Gorovitz and Rosemary E. Fei

Revenue-Generating Activities of Charitable Organizations: Legal Issues
This piece discusses when revenue generating activities will jeopardize the tax-exempt status of an organization and also the unrelated business income tax consequences.
April 4, 2006
Authored by: Robert A. Wexler and Stephanie L. Petit

How to Set Up and Maintain an Action Fund Affiliated with a Charity
Taxation of Exempts
January/February 2004
Authored by: Rosemary E. Fei and Gregory L. Colvin

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