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Grantmaking & Social Investing


Impact Investing Through a Donor-Advised Fund
Taxation of Exempts, March-April 2014
Authored by: David A. Levitt

Investing In The Future: Mission-Related And Program-Related Investments For Private Foundations
The Practical Tax Lawyer, Spring 2011
Authored by: David A. Levitt

Unscrambling 'MRIs' and 'PRIs'
Philanthropy Journal (on-line), April 5, 2011
Authored by: David A. Levitt

Disaster! Practices and Procedures for Charities Providing Relief after September 11, 2001: A Case Study
The Journal of Taxation, May 2002
Authored by: Betsy Buchalter Adler and Barbara Rosen

Proactive Grantmaking Can Reach Beyond the Public Charity Grantee
Journal of Taxation of Exempt Organizations, November/December 1997
Authored by: Betsy Buchalter Adler


Northern California Grantmakers provides news, programs, and information and sponsors events for 501(c)(3) organizations that make grants.

Social Venture Network provides information and convenes conferences for charities and businesses interested in operating in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way.

The Social Enterprise Alliance: Leading a Community for Sustainable Nonprofits is a membership organization that promotes social enterprise and social entrepreneurship through information on its website, member blogs and an annual conference.

Skoll Foundation makes grants, program related investments and social enterprise awards; it offers a website rich with information about social enterprise.

LawForChange is a unique and innovative online legal resource designed for people and organizations in the social sector dedicated to improving lives and bringing about positive social change. LawForChange provides a one-stop source of legal information and resources specifically designed to support and strengthen the U.S. social sector.

Mission Investors Exchange brings together foundations and mission investing organizations to use program-related and mission-related investing as a strategy to accomplish their philanthropic goals. Its website has an extensive library of reports, guides, articles, research, policy templates, and case studies involving program-related and mission-related investing. Members can view a database of PRIs made by other members, lists of consultants experienced with mission investing, and a library of members' mission investing contract templates templates they have submitted for other members to use.

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San Diego Grantmakers

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