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Grantmaking and Social Investing

The art of grantmaking has become increasingly complex, varied, and nuanced in recent years. While many grantmakers continue to provide much-needed general support grants to U.S. public charities, others focus more on domestic and international specific project grants to, and program-related investments in, charities and non-charities alike. Adler & Colvin guides grantmakers through the intricacies of the grantmaking process as well as the laws that govern the various types of grants.

We provide advice on:

  • The development of user-friendly, legally compliant grant agreements.
  • Grants, scholarships, prizes, or awards to individuals.
  • Foreign public charity equivalency determinations to ensure that foreign grantees meet U.S. standards.
  • Program-related investments, in which a private foundation makes a loan or equity investment to advance its charitable goals, while still earning returns.
  • Mission-related investments that benefit society while producing financial returns.
  • Disaster relief.
  • International grants, which are subject to anti-terrorist financing laws, tax issues, and currency restrictions.

We suggest you also view our International Charitable Transactions and Operations and/or Social Enterprise practice areas.

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